Yuka Uchida (内田 ユカ, Uchida Yuka)

Voiced by: Eri Kitamura

In class 5-1. Chiaki's friend. She helps Makoto with his cross-dressing along with Kana. She is not seen as a smart character and was actually forced by Makoto to join "Team Idiot". Impulsive and a little lacking in common sense, she is belittled by Chiaki and Keiko often, and recruited by Kana to join her silly escapades.


Minami-ke Manga Chapter 053 p5 c5

Uchida is unique in that she is the only character outside of the two Minami families whose full name is known. It was stated in Chapter 053 of Volume 03.

お前の下の名前 (Your "below/lower portion" name) (first name, western style)

なんだっけ (What is it)

ユカ です! (It's Yuka!)

内田 ユカ! (Uchida Yuka!)

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