Minami-ke S1 E02 08m 21s

Chiaki asks about a very serious topic.

Minami-ke S2 E10 14m 15s

Touma and Mako-chan demonstrate the second season serious face, perhaps believing it will serve as their shield against the discovery of their true genders.

"Serious Face" is the name for a visual effect in the Minami-ke anime whereby the faces of characters are zoomed into closely, and become drawn in a hyper-realistic style not at all matching the standard character design. It occurs when characters decide to act "serious" about a given situation.

Pioneered in the first season, it was also used heavily in Okawari, in a somewhat less realistic fashion, but disappeared entirely from season three, much to the dismay of fans.

The "Serious Face" is also very commonly referred to as the "Bible Black Face" or "Bible Black Eyes", a reference to the H-anime of that name which makes universal use of the hyper-realistic style, and more rarely by the by more generic "emo facial distortion".

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