Minami-ke S3 E03 00m 00s

A surprisingly large residence for the Other Minami Family.

The home of the Other Minami Family, it is substantially larger than the Minami Residence, and is a single family home rather than an apartment-style flat. Like the Minami Residence, it appears to be located in a lightly-urbanized region of Japan, neither urban nor suburban. Since the Other Minami Family certainly dwells within the same city as the Minami Family, it also cannot be in Nagoya.

It is not seen anywhere near as much the Minami Residence, and thus little is known about the interior arrangement. In particular, the second floor is never seen. From various scenes, it can be deduced that the front door leeds directly into a hallway with a staircase up and door on the left. The room behind this door contains a kotatsu, and looking in from the front entrance, there are two additional doors to the right and back, the back one leading to the kitchen. Unlike the Minami Residence, what little is seen of the design is consistent between the two studios Doumu and Asread, probably a consequence of Asread never having committed itself to a design in Season 2 before seeing Doumu's design.

To see for yourself, view Minami-ke Episode 11, Minami-ke Episode 12, Minami-ke: Okaeri Episode 02, and Minami-ke: Okaeri Episode 03. Notably, the residence never appears in Okawari, where the three Minami brothers are similarly never seen or mentioned.

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