Minami-ke S1 E12 09m 05s crop

The Minami brothers in one of their interminable councils on Touma

The Other Minami Family consists of Touma and her three brothers. They live at the Other Minami Residence. Not to be confused with the Minami Family.

Its members are:

  • Other Minami Parents (Nowhere to be seen, presumably dead.)

Unlike the Minami Family, this family is not particularly close-knit and is actually somewhat dysfunctional, especially when it comes to Touma. The brothers have difficulty understanding her or keeping her happy, and hold regular meetings to discuss the matter, often in her very presence. Natsuki is perhaps the closest to Touma, but their lack of family synchrony is evident in the brothers' birthday gifts to Touma over the years: a siscon manga, a dating sim, and a cheap 99-in-1 gameboy knockoff. The last one is actually a fairly useful gift, but it is revealed that Natsuki mostly just wanted it for himself, and broke it playing it.[1] As an added wrinkle, Haruo may be a siscon. Like the Minami family, their personal names follow the seasons from oldest to youngest, namely through "haru"(春, spring),"natsu"(夏, summer, an alternate pronunciation to Kana's "ka"), "aki" (秋, autumn), and "tou" (冬, winter). Notably, except for Touma, they are never seen or mentioned in Okawari.

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