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"Vegetables with your merry friends on your day off"

"Kyūjitsu wa yukai na nakama to o yasai o" (休日はゆかいな仲間とお野菜を)

24 February 2013

Live viewing from Funimation

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Next Episode → 09


Hosaka is convinced that he must put on a barbeque for Haruka, but Hayami purposefully trivializes his plans. Later, the Minami sisters go to a barbeque hosted by Natsuki, where Chiaki must stomach vegetables in order to enjoy the main meat course of the meal. Then, a large number of characters are hypnotized by a children's song & dance TV program which causes them to want to eat vegetables.

Adapted From


At the market, Chiaki spots Hosaka and recalls him as the "Curry Fairy" from episode 2 of Minami-ke: Okaeri.



Cultural References

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments

A duet between Hosaka and Chiaki at the market, the Vegetable Song.


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