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"Simply put, it's a roundabout confession"

"Tsumari wa tōmawashi na ai no kokuhaku" (つまりは遠回しな愛の告白)

20 January 2013

Live viewing from Funimation

Previous Episode → 02

Next Episode → 04


Adapted From

  • Segment 1 is original content, Ninomiya & Sensei, no emergency clothing(segment 2), and long baths(segment 4)
  • OP
  • Segment 2 is from chapter 162 volume 9
  • Segue chibi
  • Segment 3 is from chapter 163 volume 9
  • Segue "Minamike Quest"
  • Segment 4 is from chapter 147 volume 8
  • Segue chibi
  • Segment 5 is from chapter 176 volume 9
  • Segment 6 is original content continued from segment 5
  • ED
  • Episode 4 preview


"references to older episodes"



Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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