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"Taido ni wa" (態度には)

8 March 2009

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Caught up in a sudden rainstorm, Touma is forced to make an emergency stopover at Chiaki's house but finds that the hospitality comes with a price: Chiaki refusing to lend Touma any clothes due to her abrasive conduct. Though she initially misinterprets Natsuki's counsel on her conduct, Touma finally catches the lesson -- and a set of clean clothes. The next arc features Chiaki's lack of discretion and foresight with her affinity for trivia and facts. Fortunately, Fujioka helps Chiaki put her error in this area into perspective. The arc that follows thereafter details the prologue of the social dynamic Fujioka is involved in with both Chiaki and Touma: Chiaki mortifying Touma out of Fujioka's lap. The arc after that details that Natsuki has the same problem of abrasive conduct about which he earlier lectured Touma who enters the room and seats herself at the table. However, Natsuki's attempts to heed his brothers' counsel along with Touma's opinions of the Minami sisters sour the ambiance.

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