"I see"

"Sō ka" (そうか)

1 March 2009

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During a lazy afternoon, Kana decides to help herself to some oranges while Touma and Chiaki read at the kotatsu before getting the idea to snack on an orange. It is not long before Makoto and Uchida learn the root cause: Kana delivering a preemptory »Hands off my oranges; go get your own!!!« karate chop to both Chiaki and Touma. Another arc has everybody galvanized by the Yuletime ambiance: Chiaki synthesizing a huge stocking and leaving it to chance what present she receives, Touma learning to appreciate »useless/annoying« family rituals, and Hosaka acquiring a part-time job as a cake salesman dressed in a Santa Claus suit even though he does not encounter Haruka by that avenue as per his daydream. Haruka hosts a Yuletime banquet at her house.

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