"Let It Be"

"Nagashite hoshii" (流してほしい)

8 February 2009

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A euphoric beach outing having the dysphoric prologue of Takeru's clumsy navigation causing Kana to be carsick is reflected upon warmly by Uchida and Yoshino who have taken the whole experience in stride. Yoshino remarks that Chiaki has become attached to Fujioka as an elder sibling in much the same way that Kana has with Uchida and her. Chiaki's exhortation for the whereabouts of her teddy bear disrupts the reminiscence; fortunately, Fujioka brings it back and Kana successfully obfuscates her role. Maki tempers her disdain for her summer homework by successfully wielding Fujioka's computations as her plaything until Kana and Chiaki extinguish her machinations. The next arc features Uchida having a near-complete computation crash as she struggles to complete her summer homework without Chiaki's counsel as the penance for abusing Chiaki's goodwill. Fortunately, Chiaki is not heartless; she eventually relents after seeing Uchida and Makoto's demonstration of interdependence being a two-way street. The final arc features Kana's attempts to protract the summer and forestall the approaching autumn backfiring upon her as Chiaki, galvanized by all the pranks Kana played on her, retaliates by eating Kana's dinner in addition to her own.

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