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Hitomi, as seen in the season 3 OP.

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as seen in Minami-ke: Natsuyasumi eating with Atsuko, her senpai.

Hitomi (ヒトミ)

Age: 15-16

Voiced by: Ayaka Saito

First Introduced (Manga): Minami-ke Chapter 103

First Introduced (Anime): Minami-ke: Okaeri Episode 04

A first-year classmate of Natsuki, who appears to have been his friend for quite some time. With a confirmed romantic interest in him, she believes she can read his thoughts just by looking at his eyes, claiming to be able to dodge any punches from him, even though Natsuki would clearly never hit her. This ability is partly confirmed when she correctly notices Natsuki looking at a girl he has a crush on, but is shown to be quite fallible, since she thinks he is looking at her and not at the correct target, Haruka.

She repeatedly saves Natsuki from his mistakes, offering him food and money when he forgets his lunch, and an umbrella when he forgets his on a rainy day. Natsuki has difficulty accepting these kindnesses however, due to either awkwardness or, in the case of the umbrella, not wanting to be seen using a pink umbrella with bunny prints.[1]

In Minami-ke: Tadaima Episode 09 she is very in sync with Fujioka.


  1. Hitomi only appears in two scenes, Minami-ke Okaeri Episode 04 Segment Four and Five, from which all information about her is drawn. Also, see Character Pairings (Minami-ke)#Hitomi's crush on Natsuki.