Minami-ke S3 E04 12m 25s

Haruo refuses to accept the possibility of Touma having a relationship.

Haruo[1] Minami (南 ハルオ, Minami Haruo)

Age: Unknown, but older than Natsuki, who is 15-16

Voiced by: Shinji Kawada

First Introduced (Manga): Minami-ke Chapter 049

First Introduced (Anime): Minami-ke Episode 11

The eldest son of the Other Minami Family, his name is consistent with family naming pattern maintained by the family, his name containing the character for spring". It is unclear whether or not he is still in high school.[2] His demeanor is calm and composed, in contrast with his brothers, and he does not share their concern about the effects of their behaviour on Touma.[3] It is possible that he is a siscon, at least in the anime.[4]

Like his brothers, he is never seen or mentioned in Okawari


  1. Haruo's familiar name was a longstanding mystery until it was revealed in chapter 129 (compiled in volume 7). Prior to that, it was assumed that his name contained some version of "Spring," following the naming pattern of his family.
  2. It seems reasonable to guess that he is now working or in college, but he appears to be wearing a uniform of some sort in Minami-ke Chapter 049.
  3. Minami-ke Episode 12#Segment Two
  4. He fits the pattern of behavior, refusing to accept the possibility of Touma having relationships in Minami-ke: Okaeri Episode 04#Segment Three and fondling a picture of her in Minami-ke: Okaeri Episode 13#Segment Four. It is also revealed in the first scene that when Touma was very young, he gave her a manga about "loving your brother", which could mean a lot of things, both innocuous and not. Akira comments that that manga may have caused Touma to become the way she is now, suggesting the less innocuous possibility. However, both these scenes, as well as the less pertinent scene in Minami-ke Episode 12#Segment Two, are anime-original. See also Character Pairings (Minami-ke)#Haruo has Eyes for Touma.