Minami-ke S1 E12 06m 54s

Fujioka with its owner.

Minami-ke S1 OP 00m 26s

The first season OP, demonstrating the Fujioka attack.

Chiaki's stuffed bear. It is initially a gift from Fujioka, as part of Kana's ploy to restore Chiaki's belief in Santa, then make fun of her for it.[1] Though Chiaki does not openly know the bear to be from Fujioka, it acquires that name when Kana, surprised by Chiaki's asking, suggests the name. She is surprised when Chiaki deems the name acceptable.[2] Chiaki seems to value and treasure it, but can often be seen sleeping on it or using it as a pad for her elbows. She does not acknowledge this seeming incongruity when questioned. After acquiring it, she begins using it as her primary instrument of object-borne violence towards Kana, replacing the shells, bowls, and other assorted impromptu objects she had used in the past. She claims it is the bear's "will".[3]


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  2. Chiaki has a taste for impromptu, duplicative names, as can be seen from the name sources of some of the other items.
  3. Minami-ke Episode 12#Segment Five (Minami-ke Chapter 026)

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