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Class 5-2 is the fifth grade elementary school classroom attended by all of the Minami-ke characters at the primary school level except Fuyuki and Touma. That is, it is attended by Chiaki, Shuuichi, Uchida, Yoshino, and Makoto. In the anime, it has a pet hamster.[1] Its index number, 5-2, is a direct reference to kyo no go no ni (Today in Class 5-2). It serves as the setting for a variety of school-based settings. Its homeroom teacher is named Tanaka and school nurse is Kumada.[2]

In season one, the desks are arranged in pairs, and it is implied that Makoto sits to the immediate right of Chiaki, front and center.[3] In later seasons, the classroom reverts to a more traditional row-column arrangement, in which Chiaki sits on the middle left, by the window.

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